I would like to introduce you to The Granary’s Lil’ Sprout Program. Lil’ Sprouts was derived from my own personal passion that children need to be connected to their food. My goal is to encourage local children to become more connected and involved with the food they eat, from seed to plate. I would like to help schools and community groups teach students food skills, inspire healthy eating and connect kids to where food comes from.

The Granary would like to donate $500.00 to a Carleton Place School or Community Group that would like to help me connect kids with the food they eat.


Encourage students to be involved in the creation of healthy food choices.
Encourage CP schools/groups to further educate students on the importance of good food choices and living a healthy lifestyle.
Financially support a school or community group project that will help children become more connected with the growth, preparation and decision making involved in eating healthy foods.


– School or community group must operate within the Town of Carleton Place, Ontario.
– Must have approval from class teacher, principal or group leader.
– -Applications must be submitted prior to November 30, 2016.
– Projects must create awareness and raise consciousness among children/students.
– Projects must be new or in addition to existing programs – this grant is not intended to fund existing programs but can be used to expand the scope and reach of existing programs.
– Projects that are viable over time without continued support will be given priority over one-time projects.
– Projects must be completed before June 20, 2017.
– Project summary sheet must be submitted by June 30, 2017.

Grant Criteria

All projects must support at least one of the following goals or areas of focus:

– Generates an understanding of the origin of foods ie: how its grown, farmed, processed etc.
– Creates awareness around food choices and how they can impact the natural environment.
– Increases healthy food choices through awareness and exposure to new foods.
– Facilitates healthy eating decision making.
– Fosters an interest and a wonder about life cycles.

Project Ideas

– Create or expand on a community/school garden project.
– Planting of fruit trees.
– Get Kids in the Kitchen by facilitating a cooking session or workshop.
– Organize a new food day for children to try new things.
– Cooking competition between groups/classes.
– Organize a poster/recipe/healthy meal contest.
– Student nutrition program (i.e. breakfast, snack or lunch program).
– Field trip to local farm/food producer.
– Submit your own idea to connect kids with food!


– Funding will be paid directly to the school or community group
– Funds must be used for the implementation of the project outlined in the application
– A Summary Report will be required at the completion of the project
– Payment by cheque will be sent directly to the school principal or group leader within 6 weeks of the grant being awarded.
– Please fill in the attached application form and submit to The Granary prior to November 30, 2016. Applications will be accepted in-store, by mail or email. For more information visit www.granary.ca or contact Dena Comley at dena@granary.ca.