Coffee and Tea

At The Granary we take coffee seriously. Not only is coffee a staple in our personal lives, it is also the largest commodity based industry in the world next to military arms and oil. It is the second most popular drink in the world…next to tap water! However, not all coffee is created equal, nor are all coffee farmers treated equal. Unfortunately the following facts still ring true.

95% of the coffee sold on the market is 100% stale.
Millions of coffee farmers live at or below the poverty line due to unfair trading practices.
Technified coffee production is the 2nd largest cause of Rainforest destruction.
Technified coffees are the 2nd most heavily pesticide sprayed crop in the world.
Over 75% of the coffee consumed in North America is grown on these technified coffee farms

Fortunately, Equator Coffee is also serious about coffee, providing its customers with organic, fairly traded arabica beans, roasted to perfection. The natural environment is protected with sustainable farming practices, coffee farmers are paid fairly allowing them to better prosper and we, the consumer, gets to enjoy a better cup of java. Its a winning combination for all!

The Granary carries a selection of Equator signature blend beans in bulk including the bold Mufferaw Jo and Algonquin Dark and the smoother Feakin’ Good and Sweet Justice blends. Medium and Dark Decaf beans are also available. Grind them yourself at home or we can grind them for you.

A varying selection of prepacked, origin specific, coffees are also available. Try a new coffee from one of the African or America coffee growing regions.

For those who enjoy a steaming cup of tea, The Granary provides a large selection of both loose and bagged teas as well as all the accessories from pots, cups and presses to tea spoons, infusers and honey drippers.

Premium bulk teas are supplied by The Metropolitan Company, world leaders in the tea business. The Metropolitan Tea Company is part of the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization similar to the Fair Trade organization that regulates the living and working conditions on tea estates. It is a socially and environmentally directed organization providing premium teas from estates around the world.

Bagged teas include a large selection of organic and Fair Trade certified teas in a variety of flavours.

Match Tea and accessories are also sold at The Granary


At The Granary, we focus on service, quality and our commitment to support local producers. Whether you are looking for a gourmet ingredient or a dietary change, we can help you get what you need.

Stock your cupboards with our selection of pantry staples inducing organic cooking oils, condiments, sauces and vinegars. Find nutritious meal ideas for a gourmet dinner or a quick bite on a busy night.

Support your neighbour and find a variety of quality local products including:

Roam free, antibiotic free eggs Bekings Poultry Farm – Oxford Station, Ontario
Natural yogurt & keifer in glass jars Pinehedge Farm – St. Eugene, Ontario
Raw, unpasteurized liquid and creamed honey Polk Apiaries – Pakenham, Ontario
Maple syrup Temples Sugar Bush – Lanark, Ontario
Tempeh Noble Bean – MacDonald’s Corner, Ontario
Organic, yeast Free Breads Little Stream Bakery – Perth, Ontario
Organic, fair trade coffee Equator Coffee – Almonte, Ontario
Organic whole grain flour CIPM Farm – Madoc, Ontario
Gluten free flours and mixes Purest – Perth, Ontario

As food allergies and intolerances become more common, so does the selection of “allergen free” foods. Check out our growing selection of food for the sensitive. Find breads, cereals, snacks, mixes and pantry staples for the gluten, corn, dairy, nut and egg intolerant.

Bulk Food

The Granary carries a large selection of bulk food for all your needs. We pre package and price many items for you in an attempt to reduce cross contamination, keep items fresh and prevent price “surprises” at the cash. Our bulk food prices are checked regularly to ensure the customer is getting the best possible price for the product. In order to supply our customers with the freshest products possible, we order in small batches and we order often.

One of the greatest benefits to ordering often is our ability to bring in special orders weekly. For those who like to buy large quantities or are looking for something specific, just ask our friendly staff and your request will be placed on the next order. A discount is offered on all special bulk orders. The more you buy the more you save!

Check out our selection of quality bulk foods.

Flours and Grains
Fruits and Nuts
Seeds, Legumes and Beans
Herbs and Spices
Coffee and Tea

The Granary now offers a selection of organic sprout seeds and sprouting supplies.