8 Reasons to Try Nutritional Yeast

Although there are three forms of edible yeast, baker’s, brewer’s and nutritional, only the latter is inactive and consumed specifically for its nutritional value and flavour.

8 Reasons to Try Nutritional Yeast

  1. The Flavour – It has a savory flavour that many describe as cheesy. This makes it a great dairy-free cheese substitute in several recipes. Stay tuned for a recipe later in the week.
  2. It’s High in Protein – Complete protein contains adequate proportions of all nine essential amino acids, and you’ll find this in Nutritional Yeast. Just 2 tablespoons can contain up to 8 to 9 grams of protein!
  3. It’s High in Vitamin B12 – Looking for a plant based vitamin B12? Nutritional yeast is your solution. Just 1 tablespoon delivers your day’s worth of vitamin B12, which is essential for healthy nerve and blood cells. It can also help prevent anemia.
  4. It’s Gluten-Free – Good news for those of you on Gluten-free diets, you won’t have to worry about sprinkling some nutritional yeast on your meals, so go crazy!
  5. It’s an Inactive Yeast– As we mentioned above; it’s inactive and contains no candida. This means that for those of you prone to yeast infections, there’s no need to worry!
  6. It’s Easy to Use – Use it to replace cheese, thicken sauces, season popcorn, and more! The possibilities are endless!
  7. It’s a Great Source of Folic Acid – Especially important for pregnant women and the development of fetal brain and spinal cord development, this B-vitamin is also necessary for cell maintenance and production.
  8. It’s High in Fiber – Fibre is important when it comes to gut health and digestion. You can find 3 grams of fibre per serving, which will help you feel fuller longer by regulating blood sugar levels along with the other benefits of a diet rich in fibre.

Did we miss any reasons to try Nutritional Yeast? What’s your go-to way to get this yeast into your diet? Let us know on our Facebook page or leave a comment.


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