*_Vitamins and Minerals_*
At The Granary we sell a variety of premium vitamin and supplement brands. Choose from a selection of vitamins and minerals formulated for your lifestyle and budget. We carry many quality and often made in Canada brands including Natural Factors, New Roots, Flora, Now, Renew Life, Lorna Vanderhaeghe, Progressive, Kyolic, Nature’s Harmony and more.

If you’re looking for a specific vitamin or mineral such as the all important D or would like a multi-vitamin that contains a spectrum of ingredients we can help. Ask us about the difference between fat and water soluble nutrients or how your nutritional needs may be changing with age.

*_Herbal Alternatives_*
Throughout time people have been turing to plants for health solutions. Today is no different. Many plants and herbs have been proven to help with common problems such as stress, gout, edema, colds and more. We carry a variety of herbal supplements ranging from the immune boosting ashwagandha to the sleep inducing valerian and much in between.

*_Health Supplements*_
In today’s hectic world, many of us do not have the time or energy to prepare the nutritious vegetable rich diet we know we should be eating. That is when whole food supplements become so important. Enrich a daily smoothy for optimum health. Add a green whole food supplement and your choice of protein (choose from whey, soy, hemp or vegan blends) and watch your energy levels increase. Get an extra boost with an antioxidant powder such as Phytoberry or pure acai juice. Look for sports performance products including amino acid blends for quick recovery and increased energy output. Try VEGA products for the athlete in you…now available at The Granary.

*_Digestive Support*_
Get belly help at The Granary. Stop that bloating, full feeling after meals, enjoy your favorite foods with less cramping and discomfort. Discover the benefits of digestive support products. The Granary carries a great selection of digestive enzymes, fibre products and probiotics to sooth your intestinal woes.

*_Homeopathic Medicine*_
The Granary carries a growing line of homeopathic remedies. One of the best things about choosing homeopathy is that it is safe for all, from infants to the elderly and even pets! There are no side effects and no known drug interactions. Find relief for ailments ranging from infant teething pain to headaches, jet lag or allergies. We sell a variety of brands including Homeocan, Bachs, Hylands and the German made Heel. And yes, we have Traumeel!!