There is something very satisfying about seeing a new plant spring into life. While we are surrounded by this new life right now during spring, why not enjoy the satisfaction and health benefits of growing sprouts in your own kitchen year round. Sprouting is a very simple process.  All you need to start is a clean sanitized mason jar with a mesh lid (sprout lids are available at The Granary) and some seeds to grow.

A wide variety of seeds and beans can be used for sprouting, just ensure they are fresh and organic like the ones in the sprouting section of The Granary. Place 1-2 tablespoons of seeds in the jar, ensuring they don’t take up more than 1/4 of the room as they do expand rapidly! Fill the jar with clean water and let the seeds soak for 2-12 hours at room temperature. Drain and rinse the seeds and leave the jar on an angle ensuring all water can drain out and air can circulate – a dish rack out of direct sunlight is a great location.  Rinse and drain the seeds 2-4 times a day, ensuring they never dry out completely.  Harvest when they look big enough to eat (1-5 days depending on the seeds) They are best consumed when they are just starting to turn green. They can be stored dry in a bag in the fridge up to one week – but they won’t last that long before being eaten I’m sure!

Check out our great selection of bulk sprouting seeds and sprouting supplies, including sprout jars, bags, screens, trays and more. Try one of our pre made seed combos or try making your own combination.