Skin Essence Face Moisturizers


At Skin Essence Organics all products are organic, cold pressed, unrefined and packaged in eco-friendly amber glass bottles for optimum freshness and quality. This attention to detail ensures your skin gets the best ingredients and the best results with every application.


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Skin Essence Organics was developed more than 20 years ago in Ontario. At that time, the concept of using organic oils & extracts on the skin was relatively unknown. The formulation of these products started by thoroughly studying each ingredient on thousands of people’s skin, observing their individual effects before spending years delicately balancing them to obtain the best possible results.

Skin Essence remains dedicated to producing products locally in small batches to ensure both quality and freshness. All their products are certified organic. Organic certification organizations independently verify every step of the process from farming, handling, manufacturing processes, record keeping, cleaning products, label accuracy, and product packaging. These beautiful skin products meet and exceed the strict requirements for this certification every year, helping people make the healthiest and most beneficial choice for their cosmetics in a virtually unregulated industry.

Don’t forget to start your facial care routine with a balanced Skin Essence Facial Cleanser

Benefits of Oil based Moisturizers

The skin naturally produces oils
  • Since your body naturally produces oils, it knows how to work with them and is able to absorb them far better than a traditional cream based moisturizer. Using the right oils to hydrate your specific skin type will create a healthy pH balance and oils have the ability to absorb deep into the skin, hydrating around the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands). This deep absorption provides the skin with a complete hydration, which reduces its desire to create excess oil (sebum).
  • Certain plant oils also have a small enough molecular structure to efficiently absorb through the epidermis (first layer of our skin), which provides nourishing benefits, as opposed to a traditional cream based moisturizer that would remain on the surface of the skin and is unable to fully absorb.
High in Antioxidants
  • Choosing a plant-based oil that is organic, and cold pressed ensures that all of the ingredients used are concentrated, which means that your skin will be able to absorb the beneficial antioxidants and nutrients the plant ingredients provide.
No fillers
  • Plant oils are pure without the use of fillers or water! Cream based products typically use fillers (waxes and emulsifiers), or Aqua (water) therefore you end up losing the concentration and nutritional benefits offered by the key ingredients used in the formulation.
  • Creams also typically go through a heat process during creation, which can drastically compromise the vitamins, minerals and enzymes naturally found in the plants. Excess heat exposure can change a product that would be great for the skin, to become less effective when heat is involved, because a majority of the healing and nourishing benefits would be diminished.
  • Unlike a cream that is one consistency, an oil can be exactly what you need depending on your specific skin’s hydration needs. The more oil you use with each application, the richer and more hydrating it is. As an added bonus, you can blend oil-based moisturizers with a couple drops of water if you want lighter hydration!