Most people still think saturated fat is bad for them. They do not understand that every cell needs it for structure and firmness, and immunity. As one builds immunity one meat at a time, one of the healthiest sources of needed saturated fat is coconut oil. It s not purely saturated fat. It is, in fact, 48% monounsaturated fat, essential to lose fat around the liver and heart, to prevent heart attacks and stress to the liver. The liver is our fourth line of defense against the annual flu bugs every fall. Coconut oil provides needed support to the liver to ward off the flu bug naturally, without vaccines. Coconut oil is very powerful.

With stressed out enlarged livers, we see obesity as an epidemic in North America. New ways of thinking and acting are required. The truth can make you slim. What we know as of 1979, but was not understood in the 1913, is that hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans-fatty acids that are linked to heart disease as well as weight gain. Vegetable oils stink, and need deodorization. This high heat process causes the presence of 2% trans fat in all vegetable oils except olive oil and coconut oil, which are cold-pressed, not expeller pressed at 250 F or higher. Trans fat inhibit enzyme activities, and gum up the entire metabolic processes for physical and mental function. Trans fat causes weight gain. On the other hand, coconut oil or milk contributes to weight loss. Coconut oil, (especially in combination with a reduced carbohydrate regimen of 40-50% of total Calories) is the real winner for weight loss and continued maintenance of that desired weight.

For example, Harvard University did a three month study in 2003 that found with 21 people in three groups where the scientists feed the women 1500 Calories per day, and the men were fed 1800 Calories per day, that the first group on low-fat, high-carb lost 17 pounds, the second group on high fat low-carb lost 23 pounds, and the third group was fed an additional 300 Calories from fat and lost 20 pounds.

Of all fats chosen fragrant extra virgin coconut oil could be your number one helper to curb you off the field of the obesity pandemic. Obesity plagues North America. One can wonder why this is so, in spite of so much dieting with low-fat, no-fat dairy at the crux of recommendations by a swarm of 5000 Canadian dieticians from 17 Universities that adhere to politically correct programs. Total confusion surrounds this subject of weight loss, and so many are failing.

Those who study nutrition, however, learn that MSG is prevalent in the food chain under twenty different names, especially perpetuated at fast food outlets, such as MacDonald’s fries and Tim Horton’s coffee. We learn that science labs use MSG to induce obesity in rats for weight loss studies.

Coconut oil, on the other hand, and only with abstinence of MSG and white sugar, can kill Candida Albicans. This bacteria is in the gut of every human being, and when fed white sugar can cause sudden weight gain that will not leave. This is because Candida produces cravings for sugar, and like an addiction, it will never let you lose weight until you stop eating white sugar and overcome the cravings with coconut oil. Coconut oil with its lauric acid kills the overpopulation of this tenaciously bad bacteria. That is if you are not allergic to coconut oil. If you are lucky enough to be able to eat it, then Candida can be kept in balance with increased good bacteria. Combine coconut oil with nourishing cultured dairy products such as low-lactose whole milk yogurt or raw milk cheese. Fermented sauerkraut or sour dough rye bread also increase friendly bacteria to keep Candida balanced. In moderation, beer and wine also have friendly bacteria to help with this daily battle.

In 1996, the Ministry of Supply and Services reported that 50% of Canadians lose weight by removing wheat bread and sugar from their diet; 30% lose weight by reducing fat, and 35% lose by reducing salt. In other words, reducing Calories and carbohydrate are the most effective way to lose weight.

In May 2003, Women’s World Magazine ran an article touting the weight loss benefits of coconut oil. Low carb diets like Atkins and South Beach diet have been sustained by the public voice as the most effective weight loss programs in the market place. However, in the last decade, it has been observed that the lower carbohydrate regimens work even faster and more effectively for weight loss with the addition of one ingredient – coconut oil. Not only does coconut oil boost metabolism and speed up weight loss, there is evidence to prove that adding coconut oil into one’s daily diet can help lower cholesterol and regulate diabetes, cure itchy yeasts, kill parasites and other pathogens in the gut that contribute to eating disorders and chronic weight gain .

In The Coconut Diet, by Cherie Calbom, in collaboration with her husband, John Calbom, a behavioral medicine specialist, we see a scholarly and eminently useful book on nutrition. The book includes 70 recipes that keep you on tract to use coconut oil daily. You will be introduced to other coconut products, even gluten-free coconut flour.

Dr. John Calbom noticed that several patients in his clinic were unable to loose weight on any kind of diet but could finally shed up to 60 pounds with coconut oil. This is because it is the world’s best source of lauric acid. Deficiency of lauric acid is rampant, especially when babies are not breast fed. You need sufficient lauric acid, best at four tablespoons a day, as recommended by Mary Enig, PhD. nutrition, the scientist that blew the whistle against trans fats in 1979 to the US congress. Then Dr. Calbom observed how some patients lost as much as 50 pounds in six months!

“This is a necessary cookbook in any kitchen fighting obesity, “says Kenneth Bakken, MD, President, Health Vision International, Inc. That, and Mary Enig’s book, Eat Fat to Loose Fat, 2003, have more beautiful, tasty, coconut recipes. Thai Restaurants will feed you coconut oil if you don’t have time to cook.

Lastly, on Internet, Joseph Mercola, ND, has written articles on the countless benefits of coconut oil over many years on his popular website, HYPERLINK “” He endorses The Coconut Diet cookbook to his 60,000 visitors a day. This website has a growing list of email subscribers that receive weekly messages to discern strategies to navigate global food corruption. The truth is, coconut oil could replace flu vaccines. In March 2008, in France, two vaccine corporations were charged with manslaughter. At 26 vaccines before age eight, offered in Canadian elementary schools, why chance a corrupted medical system that is not effective at all?

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