Bridge Closure 2022

The Granary will remain open and accessible through the scheduled construction.

As you may have heard, the Town of Carleton Place is planning to proceed with the replacement of the Central Bridge and the reconstruction of Bridge Street from the Central Bridge to Lake Avenue as part of the 2022 Construction Season. While this is going to create an inconvenience to daily operations, it is a project that should have a positive outcome for the downtown and the community as a whole. That being said, we are going to need your help and support during the next year of construction.

Your continued support during this difficult construction period would be greatly appreciated. 

Care and planning is being taken to ensure safe and continued access to businesses including The Granary. While the Bridge will be closed, Bridge Street and the municipal parking lots will remain open and accessible with minimal disruptions.

In addition to maintaining store access, The Granary is offering On line Ordering , weekly in town delivery and back door curb-side pick up. Our back door and alley to Bridge St is accessible though the St.James parking lot on Beckwith Street.

Please contact us as we are able and willing to do what is necessary to continue our services of helping you along your path to great health, naturally.

Thank you for choosing Downtown Carleton Place.

This reconstruction will include the following components:

  • New road surface
  • New concrete sidewalks
  • New decorative LED lighting
  • New trees and improved precast concrete tree grates to improve pedestrian walking surface
  • Three pedestrian crossovers that are legally recognized with audible functionality
  • Numerous streetscape features will be added including planting areas, new street furniture, and stamped concrete.
  • Complete replacement of Central Bridge

For more details and information of the Central Bridge Replacement and Bridge Street reconstruction please visit.