Lactose intolerance affects many Canadians: It is a condition where people lack the enzyme (lactase) required to digest the sugars in milk (lactose). Typical symptoms include gas, bloating, abdominal paint and nausea after the consumption of dairy products. It can be a hereditary condition that typically begins in the teen years and worsens with time. Unlike a dairy allergy, people that are lactose intolerant do not have an immune response to the milk protein, but rather an inability to digest the sugars found in dairy products. Not being able to comfortably consume dairy products can be a stressful and inconvenient problem. Treatment options to date typical involve removing dairy from the diet, this can be a difficult task for some. As dairy is a source of calcium, protein and Vitamin D, one needs to be extremely vigilant to replace these nutrients in the diet to maintain health. In some cases, foods that have had lactose removed may be an alternative, but you will pay a premium price for these food items. The other option is supplementing with a lactase enzyme before the consumption of dairy. This can be an expensive option and because it must be taken immediately before dairy consumption, it is also inconvenient.

There is now a permanent solution called SULMEDOL by Now Foods. SULMEDOL® is a unique form of the mineral sulfur, called sublimed sulfur. Sublimed Sulfur (SULMEDOL®) is the first licensed natural health product (NHP) known to activate the lactase in your intestine and restore the ability to digest lactose. SULMEDOL® is patented and approved as a NHP for this condition in Canada, based on the research of Dr. Airudin Khan M.D. of London, Ontario.

So How Does it Work?
For lactose intolerant individuals, the amount of lactase production is either too low to adequately digest lactose or production has been completely turned off at the very base level of gene-expression in the cells that produce lactase. SULMEDOL® appears to have a dual action in the restoration of lactose tolerance.

1. SULMEDOL® provides elements that are necessary for normal genetic function and the reactivation of lactase production

2. Sulfur from SULMEDOL® is also involved in the synthesis of the amino acid, cysteine. Placement of cysteine at specific locations in the proteins that are used to make the enzyme lactase allows for the proper 3-dimensional structure of the enzyme to be created.

The advantage is that SULMEDOL restores the natural digestive process and activates the lactase enzyme in your small intestine and restores your ability to digest lactose, eliminating the need for lactose-free dairy products and lactose-digesting enzymes before each meal. This eliminates not only the inconvenience of carrying digestive enzymes with you everywhere you go, but also the stress of avoiding dairy products.

Most people experience permanent relief within 1-2 bottles

NOW® SULMEDOL® offers your real freedom from your lactose intolerance