So you want to eat fermented foods.  That’s great.  Go to the fridge at your favourite local health food store, The Granary and side by side are two great options, Kefir and yogurt.  You’ve likely had yogurt in the past, but whats kefir? Both kefir and yogurt are cultured milk products but they contain different types of bacteria. Yogurt contains transient beneficial bacteria that keep the digestive system clean and provide food for the friendly bacteria that reside there. A healthy choice. But kefir can actually colonize the intestinal tract, a feat that yogurt cannot match. Kefir contains several major strains of friendly bacteria not commonly found in yogurt, but it also contains beneficial yeasts, which dominate, control and eliminate destructive pathogenic yeasts in the body. Because the curd size of kefir is smaller than yogurt, it is also easier to digest making it a great choice for children, seniors and people with digestive disorders.  Kefir is often called the “Champagne of Yogurt” as it has a much more sour taste with a “zing!”. If it is not to your taste try using it as buttermilk in recipes, to make sourdough or in your favourite smoothie.

Making kefir is relatively simple and has been done for centuries. Add a teaspoon of kefir grains (available at The Granary!) to one cup of milk in a class jar.  Cover loosely with a lid or cheesecloth and let sit in room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours or until desired thickness is reached. Strain the kefir grains from the thick liquid to reuse and enjoy your creamy kefir treat! Over time the grains will multiple and you can share them with your friend, spreading the joy of good health!