Plastic is everywhere and while it has its practical uses, it also accounts for about 10% of the total waste generated worldwide. The plastic we throw out can end up in our oceans, resulting in the deaths of up to one million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals annually. Not only is the environmental impact significant, but plastic requires a large amount of energy to produce. Not to mention the potential danger plastics pose to human health.

The good news is that replacing the plastics you use in your everyday life has never been easier! We’ve compiled a list of great products that are so useful, you wont even realize you’ve stopped using plastic!

Use a reusable, stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic ones

Bottled water is overpriced, so why not save yourself some money by purchasing a reusable bottle? You can also rest assured that you’re doing your part to reduce your environmental footprint. Our favourite water bottles are the S’well bottles. They’re stainless steel and double-walled, ensuring your water stays cold for 24 hours, and this is no exaggeration! In 3 sizes and a huge variety of colours, there’s a perfect S’well bottle for everyone.

Use onyx stainless steel straws instead of plastic straws

For the smoothie and juice lovers out there, and everyone else who just likes to drink out of a straw, it’s time for you to discover the biggest breakthrough since the bendy straw! Onyx stainless steel straws come in several lengths and widths for every drink, and there’s no need to worry about cleaning since they come with perfectly-sized cleaning brushes.

sandwhich bag

Use machine washable, reusable sandwich bags instead of plastic bags

Colibri, a Canadian company owned by sisters Sandra O’Malley and Lori Hawkins, produces eco-friendly, BPA, lead and nickel free reusable snack pouches. Their bags come in a variety of sizes perfect for sandwiches, wraps, fruits, veggies, nuts and any other snack you could think of! They’re practical and fun!
plastic wrap

Use Abeego beeswax wraps instead of plastic wrap

This all-natural food wrap is perfect for keeping food fresh. Not only is it self-adhesive, making it the perfect replacement for plastic wrap, but it also allows your food to breathe, which improves the flavour, slows down the rate of decomposition, and leads to less food waste. Malleable at room temperature, Abeego stiffens when cooled, holding the shape you’ve created. It’s easy to clean, simply wash your Abeego in cold water with an eco-friendly dish soap and allow it to dry!

lunch boxes

Use onyx stainless steel containers instead of tupperware

Durable, airtight and BPA-free onyx stainless steel containers are perfect for kids and adults! Not only do they have lunch boxes, you can also get stainless steel ice cube trays and popsicle molds, just in time for the summer season!

What’s your favourite plastic alternative? Stay tuned, later this week we’ll be sharing a great lunch for on-the-go that will minimize your plastic use!