February is heart health month. The length and quality of our lives is dependant upon the strength and health of our heart. This essential organ is works hard for us and its deserves a little help! Some little lifestyle changes can go along way in supporting heart health. Little things like eating more fruits and veggies and getting a little bit of exercise everyday can have beneficial results.

One of the best supplements for hearth health is the addition of essential fatty acids (EFA), specifically Omega 3 to the diet. Our industrialized food system is full of Omega 6’s, putting our consumption of Omega 3 to Omega 6 at an unhealthy ratio. The addition of Omega 3’s to the diet can have many benefits including decreasing your risk for hearth disease.

The benefits of Omega3’s on cardiovascular disease have been studied for decades. The use of fish oil supplements in particular may reduce the overall cardiovascular mortality by as much as 45%.

When shopping for a fish oil make sure to look for one that meets or exceeds all IFOS standards (5 star) and it must be third party tested. Beyond that, a fish oil that is harvested sustainable should also be a top priority. At The Granary we only stock the best of the industry, let us help you find the best supplement for the needs of you and your family