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Those who know me, know that protecting and preserving the environment has always been an important part of my life.  My focus lately, partly in thanks to my daughters latest speech, has been on reducing plastic waste. As a household we have been taking a closer look at our purchases and the amount of plastic involved in packaging . It’s true that some plastic can be recycle,d but the biggest difference is always through reduction of use not recycling. I know many of my loyal customers are also making an honest effort to reduce plastic and that is why I am looking at my business practices to find ways to offer alternatives to plastic. We would like to make it possible for you to further reduce plastic waste.

We currently encourage customers to bring their own containers for items such as honey, spices, bulk grains and more. We offer products such as reusable water bottles, stainless steel containers, glass straws and alternatives to plastic wrap. We also provide paper or plant based bags instead of plastic. But we can do more.

At this time I am unable to immediately implement all the great ideas we have, therefore I am asking you for your help to prioritize our steps. Please take our short survey here on plastic reduction.


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