Healthy Living, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, it’s something we hear a lot about these days. Everyone seems to be interested in feeling better through better food choices, however the information can be and is overwhelming. Get the straight facts at our “Nutrition 101” Seminar presented by holistic nutritionist Dawn Bone. Thursday June 28, 7:00.

Learn about the basics of nutrition including complete proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy and unhealthy fats and the importance of fibre, water, proper food preparation and more. Get some great recipes, tips and ideas. We encourage you to bring your questions, stories and more to this fun filled evening that includes an information package (no note taking required!) free samples, and in-store discounts.

This is a great seminar for parents, seniors and everyone looking to make a healthy change in their daily eating habits. Arm yourself with good information!

Space is limited so pre-registration and payment is required. Cost is $20 You can sign up at the store, by phone or email.