It’s the beginning of another new year.  That time of year when people set unattainable resolutions with big plans to drop all their extra weight, eat healthy forever, exercise regularly and become a new person.  Most of us have done it, most of us have failed. This year I encourage you to take a new approach. First and foremost, get off the scale and get the numbers out of your head.

This year make health the goal, feeling great the goal, more energy the goal – losing a few pounds will just be the side effect.

There are some simple small things you can add to your daily life without making a huge lifestyle shift. While big goals are good, little goals are better. Try adding these three simple tips to your daily regime. You will see your shift to a healthier lifestyle start to happen without even trying.

Start Your Day with a Glass of Lemon Water

Each morning drink a glass of water with enough lemon juice to make the water cloudy. Do this first thing, before coffee, before breakfast on an empty stomach.  This simple habit has many benefits. Not only does it help you increase your water consumption (which is always a plus) it also,

  • Cleanses & detoxifies the liver
  • Alkalinizes the body, making it less acidic 
  • Aids in digestion and bowl health
  • Improves skin appearance – by cleansing the liver!

Make this ritual as easy as possible by buying pure squeezed lemon juice like Santa Cruz Organic Pure Lemon.

Eat Protein at Every Meal

Without dwelling on calories, food choices, or a specific “diet” make sure you are consuming a protein source at every meal including breakfast (which of course is the most important of the daily meals!).  Protein has many benefits,

  • It is a macronutrient that stimulates the metabolic rate (=fat burning)  
  • Protein balances blood sugar and keeps insulin hormone levels in check.
  • It fills you up for longer and reducing food cravings aids in fat burning.
  • It helps repair and build healthy muscle tissue 

Good protein sources are quick, easy and plentiful and include eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, yogurt, lentils, beans, chia, hemp, quinoa, soy, protein powders and more

Breath….and again

Everyday – at some point during your – while waiting for a friend, while sitting on the couch, watching a pot boil or standing in the shower, take 1 minute to be with your breath.  Close your eyes and inhale deeply through your nose filling your diaphragm with air.  Exhale slowly, imagining stress, toxins, worries and more exiting your body.  Continue breathing in slow deep breaths a minimum of 5 times.  While practicing this try to clear your mind of thoughts, thinking only of your breath as it travels through your body. Deep breathing is an easy, inexpensive activity with many positive effects.  Deep breathing can…

  • Calm your nervous system
  • Help manage stress and stressful situations
  • Improve digestion
  • Boost Energy

There are many small steps that can be taken to improve overall health. Some are simple, some require a bit more time and commitment.Health is not dependant on weight – but rather has many factors including physical, mental and spiritual.  All of which require daily thought and attention.

Health is not something that you succeed or fail at, it does not have an end destination, Health is a lifelong journey with many detours. Your health is something that is incorporated within who you are. Make improving your health a daily goal.  What can you do today to improve your health? What can we do to help?