You may have heard the term “Fair Trade” before, but do you know what it is? Here are the words Canadians used to describe it in a 2011 survey conducted by Fairtrade Canada…. (more mentions=bigger letters).

Photo provided by Fairtrade Canada

Photo provided by Fairtrade Canada

Turns out most Canadians have a pretty good idea of what Fair trade is. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s described by Fairtrade Canada as “a different way of doing business.” It focuses on ensuring that fairness and decency mean something in the marketplace. Farmers and producers are getting better deals and longer, more meaningful trading relationships are established. In addition it’s a way to inform consumers that the products they are purchasing meet their values, so that they can make choices that have a positive impact on the world.

Fair Trade vs Fairtrade

Can a space make all the difference? In this case, yes.

Fair Trade refers to the general concept of fairness and decency in the marketplace, whereas Fairtrade refers specifically to the Fair Trade Certification system, run by Fairtrade International and its members, including Fairtrade Canada.

Why buy Fairtrade Certified Products?

Here are 10 reasons to look for the certified Fairtrade logo.

  1. Fairtrade helps to tackle poverty by opening up markets to marginalised producers.
  2. Workers and producers are empowered because they learn how international trade works.
  3. Fairtrade growers are encouraged to protect their environment or go organic.
  4. Fairtrade farmers receive advice and exchange information about growing in the uncertain seasons and conditions such as droughts increasingly being experienced as a result of Climate Change.
  5. The Fairtrade price includes a premium which is invested in producers businesses or the community. How this sum is spent is decided democratically.
  6. By buying Fairtrade you show that you care about those who produce these goods not just prices!
  7. Buying Fairtrade sends a message to governments that people want Trade Justice.
  8. There is now a huge variety of Fairtrade products of a high standard.
  9. Buying Fairtrade challenges all companies to move away from unsustainably low commodity prices and unethical sourcing. It may also encourage companies to strive towards becoming Fairtrade themselves.
  10. It is reliable – you know that products that bear the Fairtrade mark will be of good quality and will have been produced in an environmentally friendly way by growers and producers who will have received a fair price thus helping to lift people out of poverty.



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